Technology, human and 3D printed scaffolds

We want to establish the scaffold technology as the gold standard for cancer drug development and develop own successful treatments for aggressive cancer.

Curing Cancer

Iscaffpharma’s mission is to establish the scaffold technology as gold standard for cancer drug development and develop own successful treatments for aggressive cancer.

– Scaffold (environment) of tumour affects cancer aggressiveness
– New technology with human and 3D printed scaffolds available that mimic true human environment
– Increasing success rate in clinical development of cancer drugs
– Improved target and lead generation

Generating precision medicine

Current models

Todays models are mainly focusing on the cancer cells and the regression of tumour size. Research normally starts with identified targets and then move into 2D and patient derived Xenograph models.

The use of these models has proven to have a low success rate in the following clinical development. One reason for this is that the models doesn’t  take into account the surrounding tissue of the cancer and the effect this has on the cancer cells.

Our Scaffold Technology

Iscaffpharma’s human and 3D printed scaffolds allows research on the tumour promoting effects of the environment. Our patented technology has lead to the discovery of new targets and leads in the treatment of aggressive cancer. The in vivo like technology increases success rate of cancer projects by using human and 3D printed scaffolds that mimic true human environment.

– In vivo like. Mimics true human environment
– Predicting recurrent cancer
– Indicating effects on phase 3 endpoints

Tumor Scaffold analysis

In this illustration the difference between the tumour promoting effects in the environment of two patients is shown.

The scaffolds has been repopulated with the same cancer cell line and gene expression analysis gives information on how the cancer cells has evolved.

  • A human, in-vivo like test of the tumour promoting effect of the environment.
  • Measured by changes in gene expression of cancer reporter cells
  • Identyfing properties driving tumour aggressiveness

Adapted from: Patient-derived scaffolds uncover breast cancer promoting properties of the microenvironment by Göran Landberg et al Biomaterials Volume 235, March 2020, 119705

Methodology validated in humans

The scaffolds in the examples of breast cancer is collected from Biobank Väst at Sahlgrenska. The biobanked tumours has extensive data regarding patient characteristics, tumour typing and morbidity/mortality.

In the scaffolds there is a significantly increased risk of breast cancer recurrences for patients having an active micro-environment (scaffold) inducing high expression of marker genes in the assay, using univariate and multivariate analyses.


Relevant pathways, mechanisms and proteins identified

Iscaffpharmas research has identified several patented proteins responsible for inducing aggressive cancer. Our technology helps:

  • Understanding the impact of different proteins in the environment
  • Identifying and validating new treatment targets
  • Creates a 3D scaffold screening technology, based on human scaffolds
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