Curing cancer
by generating precision medicine

Iscaffpharma has deep understanding of the human tumor microenvironment and its role in creating aggressive cancer. We use this knowledge to provide in-vivo like screening of drugs in human tumor models and 3D printed replicas. The result is a fingerprint showing the potential effect in humans

Improving cancer drug development with 3D printed scaffolds

Cancer remains a major health issue in the world affecting one third of the population, as a consequence 1/5 dies from cancer.

Iscaffpharma’s mission is to establish the scaffold technology as gold standard for cancer drug development and develop own successful treatments for aggressive cancer. We use a new technology with human and 3D printed scaffolds that mimic true human environment resulting in increased success rate in clinical development of cancer drugs.

Human and 3D scaffold technology & analysis, how does it work?

Iscaffpharma provides analyses of cancer reporter cells for drug resistance, proliferation, differentiation, stem cell features and epithelial mesenchymal transition (EMT) in both 3D printed and human scaffolds.

Products & Services

Iscaffpharma provides a cost-effective platform to improve success rate in clinical development of treatments for aggressive cancer. Improving cancer drug development with 3D printed scaffolds.

Development support

Target identification
Screening of NCEs on gene expression and other factors

Licensing of technologies

3D printed scaffolds
Ink/Scaffold available to partners
Human scaffolds
Solid tumours
Restricted number partners


Personalized treatment
Liquid biopsy

Partners, Collaborators and Investors

Iscaffpharma is part of UDI3 challenge driven innovation supported by Vinnova. Our partners are:

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