Human scaffold technology & analysis, our process

We want to establish the scaffold technology as the gold standard for cancer drug development. Using our technology we aim to develop novel successful treatments for aggressive cancers.


Human 3D scaffold technology & analysis, our process

Intact breast cancer

The human scaffolds are derived from biobanked tumours, with access to patient characteristics, tumour typing and morbidity/mortality data.

De-cellularized scaffold = Micro-environment

Iscaffpharma has developed a methodology to carefully de-cellularize the human scaffold, conserving the matrix around the cells.

Repopulation with breast cancer cells

The de-cellularized 3D scaffold is repopulated with cancer reporter cell’s. Thus allowing studies of the effect of the surrounding environment. This technology differs from existing 2D cultures where the cancer cells will have optimal growth opportunity. In Iscaffpharma’s scaffolds the pressure from the environment causes the cancer cells to adapt and start differentiation in several ways.


The technology allows discovery of new targets and lead generation. Examples of test in Iscaffpharma’s scaffolds include

– Drug resistance
– Proliferation
– Differentiation
– Stem cell features

Curing Cancer

Using Iscaffpharmas proprietary technology we aim to establish the scaffold technology as gold standard in cancer drug development.

Iscaff provide

– Patient derived scaffolds with intact cancer microenvironment affecting cancer aggressiveness
– Synthetic scaffolds mimicking  human environment
– Technology that increase success rate in clinical development of cancer drugs
– Improved target and lead generation

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