What Iscaffpharma offers

Iscaffpharma provides a robust and scalable  platform to improve success rate in clinical development of treatments for aggressive cancer

Products & Services

Development support

We offer support with cancer drug development using 3D scaffolds. Our technology identifies targets associated to tumour aggressiveness and offers screening of NCEs (new chemical entities) on gene expression and other factors.

Development services are focused on solid cancer in:
– Breast
– Colon
– Ovarian
– Orphan

3D synthetic scaffolds & Licensing of Technologies

The synthetic scaffolds are available to partners wishing to conduct their own development.

Iscaffpharma can also license the scaffold technology.


Iscaffpharma offers precision diagnostics enabling personalised treatment. We are also offering liquid biopsy as an additional diagnostic tool

Precision diagnostics
Personalized treatment
Liquid biopsy

Advantages in drug development

  • Identifying new targets, validation of targets
  • Predicting the effect of NCEs and existing drugs on aggressive and recurrent cancer (Indicating effect on phase 3 endpoints)
  • In vivo like model. Mimics true human environment
  • Robust and scalable  platform that improves the relevance of preclinical screening
    • Reduced need for animal testing
    • Synthetic scaffold enables high through-put screening
    • High potential of increasing the success rate of cancer drug development projects
    • Out of patient clinical trials

Improving drug development

Drug discovery and development is known to be a time and cost consuming effort. Iscaffpharmas patented scaffold technology will:

  • Improve target and lead generation
  • Improve quality for drug discovery and preclinical phase
  • Reduce use of animal xenographs

Increases success rate in clinical trials due to preclinical testing in human, in-vivo, like setting. The predictive platform technology has great potential to be applicable on any solid tumours.


Source: http://biomedicalresearch.alliedacademies.com/events-list/drug-discovery-and-development-2018

Orphan cancer

In orphan cancers current model systems gives poor possibility of validation, screening and testing of treatments. Iscaffpharmas scaffold technology offers opportunities to conduct research in orphan cancer by using human cancer samples. We can offer testing in in-vivo like settings for targets and substances where no other methods are available.

Partners, Collaborators and Investors

Iscaffpharma is part of UDI3 challenge driven innovation supported by Vinnova. Our partners are:

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