Iscaffpharma ‘s cost-effective 3D platform for aggressive cancer is being presented at “The Swedish tumor microenvironment meeting” in Umeå 9th till 11th of April 2019. The poster presentations covers the use in cancer drug discovery of human scaffolds or PDS (Patient derived scaffold) and that the 3D printed scaffolds closely  mimic true human environment.

The presented posters are:

  •  Screening of FDA-approved drugs for the targeting of breast cancer stem cells using the novel cancer patient derived scaffold; presented by Elena Garre Sahlgrenska Cancer Center. 
  •  Scaffolds derived from breast cancer as a model to study drug response; presented by Maria Carmen Leiva Sahlgrenska Cancer Center.
  •  3D printed scaffolds (3DPS) as a model of breast cancer microenvironment in cancer drug discovery; presented by Simona Salerno Sahlgrenska Cancer Center.
  •  3D printed hydrogels resemble de-cellularized patient derived breast tumors by the characteristics and response of reporter breast cancer cells; presented by Andreas Svanström Sahlgrenska Cancer Center.

The results show the benefit of using human scaffolds in cancer drug discovery. Furthermore the data shows that the 3D printed scaffolds closely mimic the characteristics of PDS. The data shows that Iscaffpharma’s platform is able to improve success rate in clinical development of treatments for aggressive cancer in a cost-effective way.

Iscaffpharma wishes the presenters good luck in Umeå!

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